Why Culottée?

What if we could wear during our period the same comfortable panties that we love without extra disposable protection while saving money and the planet? Culottee can make it!  Try it, Love it!











How culottée protects you?

+ Culottee panties can replace liners, pads, tampons and cups. Or it can be worn with tampons or cups for extra protection for very high flux.

+ The brief looks like any other underwear, you cannot see the difference.

+ It can be used day and night. Extra layers inside the brief are highly absorbent.

+ It is chemical free.

+ It is easy to wash and can last up to 3 years.

how does it work?


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What is a washable period underwear?

The washable period brief looks like any other underwear, however there is an invisible hygienic period protection in replacement of pads or disposable night brief. Culottee washable panty can be use alone in replacement of disposable pads/ brief, tampons or cups.

Culottee washable underwear and reusable for around 3 years therefore it is very ecologic.

How do they work?

Culottee washable period brief looks like any other underwear, however, there is an invisible hygienic protection inside in replacement of pad or disposable night brief.

If you want to know more : How It Works

How to wash a washable period underwear?

Rince thoroughly with cold water after each use until the water is clear. After this step you do hand wash or machine wash 30 degrees.

Hang to dry, do not used softener, do not tumble-dry, do not iron.

How long Culottee washable period underwear last?

Culottee washable panties are made with high quality materials, so it is made to last around 3 years and more.

Is that economical to use Culottee washable period brief?

Yes it is! Culottee design and price have been created to be comfortable, efficient and affordable for everyone.

On average, women spend between 6 usd to 13 usd per month on period disposable protection. That’s 216usd$ to 468usd$ for 3 years.
If you buy 5 pairs of Culottee brief, you will save between 36 usd to 288 usd in 3 years!

Can Culottee replace other type of protection?

Culottee washable period brief can replace liners, pads, tampons and cups or be worn with Tampons or cups for extra protection. You should not wear pads together with Culottee brief as the glue would render the absorbent area of the panties completely useless.

There are some absorption layers which can absorb the equivalent of 2 to 4 tampons or 2 to 4 pads depending on the protection level. Please refer to How It Works

Can I wear Culottee brief together with another period protection?

You should wear Culottee washable underwear alone. You can also wear Culottee with tampons or cup for extra protection. You should not wear Culottee with pads as Culottee brief and technicity target is to replace disposable protection in order to save the planet.

How often should I change Culottee washable period brief?

Some women prefer to change Culottee period brief every 4 hours, but it can be used up to 12 hours day/ night, it depends on every woman preference, and flux level.

How much waste could I save if I use washable period brief?

We have estimated that using only Culottee washable underwear, you can save 3 to 4 Liter of garbage per year/ 1 people.

If you decide to mix disposable pads/ Tampons together with Culotte washable underwear, Yeeeeh, you are a game changer and generating waste reduction. Every individual small impact matter!

On average, between 110kg and 150kg of sanitary products (tampons, towels, applicators) are thrown away over the course of a single woman’s life time which last around 38 years.

Will the brief be visible if I wear a jeans/ pant/ tight skirt?

Culottee offers basic and elegant styles which can suits all women. As any other brief the size elastic of the brief can be a bit visible but not much.

The different layers integrated in the brief cannot be visible at all as they are thin with a high absorption. You can dress like any other normal days.

How many periods brief should I have?

If it is your first time you should buy 1 style first, try it at home day or night, and observe how Culottee match wit your flux level and how you feel comfortable and safe.

If you want to use it more regularly, here is the recommendation

Beginning and end of cycles: 2 pieces
Only at night: 2 to 3 pieces
Only during the day 3 to 5 pieces
Day and night: 5 to 7 pieces
Punctual, example sport: 1 piece

If you want to know more : How It Works

Where is the production done?

The production is done in China, in Shantou province, in a factory expert in underwear I used to work with for years. This factory has passes stringent social and environment audits and employs very experienced workers.

Keeping the production close to where it is sold is key to reducing our environmental impact and also ensures agility.

Is that safe for my body and skin?

Yes it is! It is safe for your body as all component of Culottee underwear are Oekotex 100 certified

Oekotex is a European common label of factory and product which certify that our products are free from products that could be toxic for the body or the planet.

Every Culottee style, fabric, accessories and component is Oekotex 100 so safe for the body.

The inner layer of the brief in contact of the body is 100% cotton with is natural

Do you accept return?

Due to hygiene reasons, these products cannot be returned or exchanged. If there is a manufacturing fault with your product, you are welcome to contact our Customer Service mentioning the order number, defect explanation and picture.

How to choose the right size?

Culottee offers basic and elegant styles which can suits all women. The fabrics are very comfortable and stretchable so that you have the best comfort ever.

Follow bellow the size next to each product page. If you have any hesitation or question, please Contact Us.

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